Excel data analysis with Python


I don’t know whether I can be considered a data steward or maybe more like a data janitor for my department, but what I know is that my work consists of a lot of data wrangling in Excel. Some are routine like generating monthly reports, while the rest ad-hoc analytics and policy making, especially important […]

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Visualize before you analyse data

2014-08-09 14_10_24-eye

Once in an ordinary day at work in an ordinary meeting, colleague A claimed that based on his monthly reports, our night shift staffs (starting work at 8pm) have been seeing increased workload of inpatient supplies, as compared to previous months. How they perform inpatient supplies is that they see the list of items requested […]

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WordPress deployment with Ansible

A WordPress installation is fairly simple, and virtually all shared hosting providers support running WordPress out of the box. But when you use a VPS such as DigitalOcean or Linode instead of shared hosting, you need to administer the server yourself. This means installing web server/MySQL/PHP etc., performing regular backups, and keeping the system up-to-date. […]

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Hello world!

Photo by Windell Oskay.

I’m very happy to say that after 6 months in the limbo of domain-name-bought-but-no-server-configured-yet, leontius.net is finally online. Why not continue leapon.net? You might know that I have Leap On! blog for the longest time, yet the last update was on November 2011. So why not use the same website and continue posting there, you […]

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