Hello world!

Photo by Windell Oskay.

I’m very happy to say that after 6 months in the limbo of domain-name-bought-but-no-server-configured-yet, leontius.net is finally online.

Why not continue leapon.net?

You might know that I have Leap On! blog for the longest time, yet the last update was on November 2011. So why not use the same website and continue posting there, you ask?

  • Since 2011 the website has been infested with bloody vermins of the internet a.k.a. spam. I guess Mollom was not yet up to the task. Suffice to say that I am too lazy to clean up.
  • The website uses Drupal which although very useful and fascinating in its own right, is not really meant for individual blogs. I needed to look into every nook and cranny to make the install behave like standard blogs, i.e. WordPress blogs. So heck why not just use WordPress from the beginning. Right tool for the job, they say.
  • Lots of content there are already irrelevant or just plainly stupidly written. The first posts were made before I made it into university. It is prudent to distance away from some of those content =)

leapon.net will still persist, though. Early experimentation on ads display on the website yielded favourable results and it continues up until even now. In its glorious days the website managed to earn almost US$20/month, and now it yields about $3 to $6 per month – just nice to cover the hosting bill of $5/month (at digitalocean – disclaimer: referral link). So for the time being, the website will stay until the cost of maintaining it greatly exceeds the revenue.


While the purpose of having leapon.net initially was to study web development, for this website it is really for my own enjoyment in writing. But a blog without regular posts will languish and die, as experience suggests. So I will leash myself a little and hope to have at least one new post every week – let’s see whether public commitment really works.